Helping you with your warehousing storage needs is just the beginning at G&D Integrated. A best practice in warehousing and distribution is recognizing the opportunity for value-add processing of your goods.

When we optimize a warehouse operation, it means we understand there is no generic process and every client and their needs are unique. We realize the importance of this idea and offer a range of materials management services that deliver value, address real supply chain issues and strengthen your materials coordination with suppliers overall. Whether it involves additional product enhancement, custom engineering, packaging, or inspection, we have a service to fill your need.

We combine cross-industry best practices with Lean warehousing techniques to ensure continual operational improvements, shorter lead times, and ongoing efficiencies. Our Lean facilities utilize Six Sigma, statistical process control and ISO processes to help our clients minimize costs and inventory while meeting on-time, Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence delivery requirements.

Inspection. Consol/Deconsol. Labeling. Kitting & Packaging. Assembly. Fabrication and Painting. Just-in-time/Sequencing Delivery.

Materials Management is often thought of as most successful when managed internally, but did you know?

  • The average logistics cost reduction reported by shippers who use a 3PL was 9% *
  • Businesses who actively manage their inventory (with companies like G&D Integrated) reported a 50% reduction in lead times+

* Source: Capgemini Consulting, 2015 Third-Party Logistics Study

+ Source:

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