Transportation Services

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Transportation Solutions Brochure

Experts in identifying and developing custom, dedicated transportation services to optimize the flow of goods in global supply chains, G&D Integrated provides a broad array of solutions.

  • Truckload
  • Freight Brokerage
  • Intermodal Drayage


Warehousing & Distribution Capabilities Brochure

The warehouse has come a long way over the years. It’s no longer a large box to store things and smart companies are realizing some of the biggest opportunities for increased efficiency, throughput, and profitability may lie behind the walls of today’s warehouse. That’s where G&D Integrated warehousing and distribution solutions can help.

  • Warehousing
  • Dynamic Distribution
  • Material Handling



G&D Integrated’s fleet program provides high quality transportation management and oversight, enabling you to allocate your staff and resources to other business operations.


Freight Brokerage

G&D Integrated serves as a liaison between you and an authorized, insurance covered carrier. We work to identify your needs and then coordinate with our network of approved carriers to satisfy your transportation requirements on-time and in a cost-effective manner.


Intermodal Drayage

G&D Integrated drayage services enable the quick pickup of container shipments and efficient movement of goods in and out of ports and rail yards.



G&D Integrated has over 30 years of warehousing experience and millions of square feet of space that offers a variety of options from dedicated to specialized facilities evolving every day.


Dynamic Distribution

G&D Integrated services utilize key supply chain optimization strategies such as cross docking, transloading, distribution and fulfillment in conjunction with our asset-based truck fleet.


Integrated Logistics Solutions

Utilizing integrated logistics management expertise, G&D Integrated is fully prepared to work with you to address logistics efficiency, spend, start-up, expansion, or consolidation.


Materials Management

Helping you with your warehousing storage needs is just the beginning at G&D Integrated. A best practice in warehousing and distribution is recognizing the opportunity for value-add processing of your goods.


Transportation Management

G&D Integrated offers turnkey transportation management services. Our innovative solutions, the result of more than a century of best practices, lower transportation costs, improve customer service and reduce cycle times.