Cross Dock

G&D’s cross dock services provide the ideal combination of speed and accuracy. We manage the inbound and outbound flow of import/export material, less-than-truckload (LTL), and truckload (TL) shipments. Moving your goods in one door and out the other, with potentially no additional storage time, results in maximum efficiency and cost savings. In addition, we also have the flexibility to accommodate additional storage time if required.

Distribution & Fulfillment

As a full-service third party logistics provider (3PL), G&D Integrated provides the people, equipment, facilities, processes, and expertise to handle all your distribution and fulfillment needs, and allows you to focus on your core business practices. From storage to inventory management and the final SKU pick, pack and shipment of goods to you or your customer, we understand the critical importance of this link in the supply chain.


When it’s not physically possible or economically efficient to transport your goods to a final destination with one type of transit, consider G&D’s transloading services.
We will effectively use multiple modes of transportation that make the most sense for each leg of your product’s journey. By leveraging our own asset-based truck fleet, we coordinate the end-to-end handling and movement of your goods with pinpoint visibility, from container or rail to van to a customer’s plant or multiple distribution locations.

Experience the benefits of our Dynamic Distribution services:

  • Minimizing or even eliminating storage needs results in lower costs
  • Gain greater control through the use of our own asset-based transportation fleet
  • Can provide all the connections in your supply chain between truck, railroad, and vessel
  • Can provide additional cost-cutting functions such as labelling, consol/deconsol, and cross docking to your distribution process