Not only can G&D Integrated deliver goods, but we can also help create them with our manufacturing services.

In our facilities, we offer comprehensive fabrication, machining, welding, and painting services. Combine this with our engineering services and G&D can be your one-stop source for simple to complex fabrications and weldments.

We work with most raw materials and service a wide variety of industries from construction, mining, and metals, to industrial equipment, agricultural, and consumer home goods.

What’s more, our lean manufacturing practices ensure on-time delivery, quality, and flexibility. Call 800-451-6680 for more information or a quote today.


We have the experience to meet your fabrication requirements, large or small. Over the past year, G&D Integrated has made investments in new, state-of-the-art processing equipment.

Bystronic “BySprint Pro 3015” 4.4kw CO2 Laser Cutting System

  • Cutting capabilities
    • Steel             0.750″/20mm
    • Stainless      0.500″/12mm
    • Aluminum   0.393″/10mm
  • Automation
    • Bystronic “ByTrans Extended” sheet handling
      • Autoload & unload of raw & cut material

HEMSAW “Sidewinder” Horizontal Band Saw

  • Cutting capabilities
    • 18″ x 18″ envelope

Bystronic “Xpert200” Press Brake

  • Bed length: 13″
  • Tonnage: 220 English tons
  • Tooling: WILA “New American Standard” F airbend  tooling
  • 3-Dimensional, programmable from customer provided solid model geometry

Accurpress “400” Press Brake

  • Bed length: 13.5″
  • Tonnage: 400 English tons
  • Tooling: American Standard Coining tooling


At every stage of the process, we use the latest technologies for both machinery and software to ensure the creation of the best quality product.

Fadal VMC 8030 Vertical Machining Center

  • Table: 81.5″ x 30″
  • Axis of travel
    • X     80″
    • Y     30″
    • Z     30″

Fadal VMC 2520 Vertical Machining Center

  • Table: 31.6″ x 17.75″
  • Axis of travel
    • X     25.5″
    • Y     20″
    • Z     20″

Mazak Quickturn 350 Turning Center

  • Bed length: 26″
  • Max machining diameter: 16.45″
  • Chuck size: 12″

Bridgeport Vertical Knee Mill


From simple to complex weldments, G&D Integrated’s welding professionals can provide parts Mig, Tig, and resistance welding. Our team of certified D1.1 welders have years of experience with everything from agricultural equipment to medical. Each weldment is inspected to customer approved prints to guarantee that all work meets required specifications.

Miller Electric “Continuum” Multi-process weld machines (8 machines)

Miller Electric “Deltaweld” MIG weld machines (8 machines) 

Resistance welding

15,000# ALM Fixed Headstock Mobile Tailstock Positioners (BLUCO work holding)

Aronson positioners

Acorn weld tables

Standard weld tables


At G&D Integrated, we’ve got our customers’ color. We can handle your painting needs on items big and small and ensure top quality and consistency. Our in-house painting professionals are trained in the latest techniques, materials, and technologies so products look their best when they go to market.

12,000 square foot paint line with trolley line

Wash paint booth

Bake oven


We can assemble products or components to exact customer specifications, either on-site in their facilities or in one of our locations. Our assembly services can help free up valuable manufacturing space, save production workers’ time, and reduce the number of assembly steps on the factory floor. This all translates into greater efficiencies and cost savings for our customers.


With the addition of the FARO® Quantum M FaroArm® technology, G&D can provide parts inspections that allow easy verification of product quality. It is the first and only arm in the market that can be verified against the international certification standard for articulated arm coordinate measuring machines, ISO 10360-12:2016, which ensures maximum measurement consistency and reliability.

Our operators also measure various dimensional features with manual gauging during the manufacturing process. This provides us with a greater sampling frequency for critical dimensions.

Value Added Sub Assembly

Kitting & Sequencing



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