Case Study: F50 OEM Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

With a pedigree built from the parent company, this OEM’s size and global scope rank it among worldwide leaders in global transportation services across all types of delivery modes. Their logistics is a worldwide leader in helping customers achieve lower annual transportation costs while meeting demanding customer service and delivery requirements.

The Issues:

At the time, the leading heavy equipment manufacturer’s transportation services were fragmented with too many carriers. There were too many empty miles and too much empty space on trailers. The lack of timely visibility and status was creating cost, service, and deliverability problems.

The Solutions:

Dedicated Transportation
By providing dedicated transportation services, G&D increased efficiency in the customer’s logical infrastructure by implementing vital services such as:

  • Network optimization
  • Track & trace via GPS
  • Online order entry
  • Data availability

The Results

  • Reduced trailer cost by 29%
  • 20% reduction in premium freight spend in selected lanes
  • Cost allocation details for each operating business unit
  • 30% reduction in cost per move