G&D Integrated Releases New Ebook “Making the Case for Logistics Outsourcing”

NAPERVILLE, IL, September 22, 2016 – G&D Integrated announced this week that they have released a new ebook titled “Making the Case for Logistics Outsourcing” which is available for download on their website, www.gdintegrated.com. The book is a practical guide for managers and directors of logistics, supply chain, and warehousing operations who are interested in learning how to develop a business case for outsourcing logistics functions. G&D Integrated has over 40 years of logistics and warehousing experience to draw from in the development of the ebook and has helped a variety of customers increase efficiency, throughput, and profitability with their warehousing and logistics needs.

“This book discusses how a company sources, makes, and delivers products the way customers want it done, which matters more than ever before today,” said Mark London, vice president of sales and marketing at G&D Integrated. “We know that a highly efficient and visible supply chain is critical but the problem is that many organizations’ core competencies may not be in logistics and supply chain.”

“Making the Case for Logistics Outsourcing” covers such important topics as:

  • How to analyze current logistics costs
  • The make or buy decision
  • The benefits of outsourcing
  • How to develop and present a business case to fix the problems

“Making the Case for Logistics Outsourcing” is available for download now at https://www.gdintegrated.com/ebook-making-case-logistics-outsourcing/.

About G&D Integrated

G&D Integrated is a specialized provider of transportation and logistics services and has over 100 years of experience advancing innovative global supply chain solutions. Headquartered in Morton, IL, the company provides domestic transportation, freight brokerage, contract logistics, and supply chain services to a variety of industries with 1,000 employees at over 20 facilities across North America. For more information, visit www.gdintegrated.com.

Susan Himes, Marketing Communications