Are You Demanding Enough from Your 3PL Technology?

To be demanding isn’t all bad, especially when those demands help you grow your business and save money in the process.  Technology for all its wonders, can throw up road blocks that companies have to find ways around.

As Steve Banker’s Logistics Viewpoints blog post Customers Demand More from 3PLs Technologically, Than They Would Ever Demand of Themselves points out, customers are looking to outsourcing as a way handle more capabilities than they could provide internally.

According to Banker, here are some trends that are increasing customer demands on their 3PL:

  • Budget constraints that prevent upgrades to the warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Need for increased implementation speed with reduced costs
  • Desire for labor management systems that include both software implementation and a team of engineering experts

So, go ahead and be demanding.  3PL’s provide cost-effective technology and expertise for companies in which warehousing is not a core competency.

Read Banker’s Post

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