Determining the Best Site for Your Distribution Center

Whether you are considering moving your current distribution center or opening a new one to serve increasing demand, site selection needs to be, as a recent Materials Handling and Logistics blog eloquently put it, “a labor of love, not a game of luck.”

The above referenced blog post, aptly titled, Compete: Site Selection – Labor of Love, Not Game of Luck is well thought out, provides good food for thought, and offers practical suggestions for implementation.

Why we like it? We know the struggles that manufacturing and distribution organizations face when determining optimal locations for serving customers’ needs.

Here are a few of our key takeaways:

  • In today’s complex shipping and logistics environment, getting the right network of partners and settling on a location that works well with all partners involved can be more important that finding the “perfect” site geographically.
  • Evaluate your network before you evaluate the site. Do all your partners align with your go-to market strategy? If not, consider alternatives.
  • The site you select needs to work now and into the future. Is it accessible by a variety of means of transportation? Can you be flexible if your customer requirements change a year from now?

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