Inefficient Workflows Go Unchecked by Management

In the current economy every dollar counts. As a result, the quest to do things better, faster and more efficiently is never-ending.

In fact, as a recent article in Material Handling & Logistics states, “Recent research by Intermec reveals that in the last six months alone, nearly eight out of ten (79%) warehouse managers have been tasked with finding an average 19 percent cost saving from existing operations.”

Surprisingly though, that same research indicates thatclose to one in three (30%) have not conducted a review of workflow processes in their distribution center within the past year.”

Why is that? It’s hard to say really. Change for some is never easy, despite the potential rewards.

We felt this post was worth sharing because it not only highlights the problem, but also offers insight into the amount of time that could be saved through improved processes and pinpoints areas where cost savings could most easily be achieved. Read the Full Post.